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Lakewood Land Company: a Look at Lake Oconee

Lakewood Land Company sold 56 lake properties on Lake Oconee in less than 2 hours last August.

More than 19,000 acres in size, Lake Oconee is Georgia’s second largest lake with more than 374 miles of shoreline perfect for fishing. Secluded in Lake County and located conveniently between Augusta and Atlanta, Lake Oconee is the perfect place for a vacation home: near the city but far enough away to provide an escape from the daily grind. Visitors can take part in any number of water activities, including water sports, boating, wakeboarding, and skiing. Additionally, the lake is near several golf courses, giving golfers a good variety.

Although you could easily spend days isolated on the lake, there are several entertainment and dining options in the area. Some first-rate dining can be found in downtown Greensboro, at the Washington Grass Inn, or at the area’s best barbeque, Holcomb’s Barbeque. Get some shopping done in Greensboro, which features unique boutique clothing shops and antique stores. Festival Hall also provides access to excellent performing arts and cultural experiences.

If you are looking for a new getaway, consider visiting Lake Oconee.

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