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Lakewood Land Company on Environmentally Responsible Land Development

When it comes to land development, protecting our resources is essential. The cyclical process of construction, renovation, land use, and demolition constitutes about two-thirds of non-industrial solid waste generation in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, buildings and transportation infrastructure cover our natural surfaces with impermeable materials like concrete, creating water runoff that washes pollutants into lakes and rivers.

Ideally, the construction of roads, homes, and infrastructure should have as little impact on the environment as possible. Here are some basic guidelines used by Lakewood Land Company, which develops land throughout the Southeast, for all major development projects.

1. Construct properties and roads that accent landscape features such as streams, large trees, and rock outcroppings.
2. Design roads to contour the natural terrain, minimizing the need to alter the land by cutting through hills or filling valleys.
3. Create property restrictions that limit or prohibit the removal of trees and vegetation during construction.
4. Design paved areas to reduce or prevent increases in post-development water runoff.
5. Use local materials and suppliers whenever possible.

Responsible land developers know that preserving our environment is the ultimate investment in the future. To learn more about Lakewood Land Company and environmentally conscious development, visit